Meet Lo Renee

Welcome to my blog, y’all! My name is Lo Renee. I am a twenty-something year old who loves white cheddar popcorn, cats, sweet tea (and I mean really sweet), and all things Christmas… especially the cheesy movies. I love being creative and making little crafts. Jesus is number one in my life and nothing will ever change that.

I consider myself a lifestyle blogger. I will talk about anything from food to fashion to traveling to life itself. Helping people is my passion – whether that be handing someone a coupon at the store or paying for the person’s meal behind me… whatever I can do to help someone out, I will do it.

I was so in love with the shoot I did! Thanks to the help of my sweet boyfriend, I was able to get some good shots. It was cold and cloudy (my favorite). I so wish I could post all of the pics I took, BUT I have a special project that I have been working on (follow my Instagram for up to date details). I seriously cannot wait to tell you guys about it.

Coming early 2017! 

You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.


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