wine tasting in humboldt

My fiancé and I just celebrated our five year dating anniversary, and in less than a year we will be married! Earlier this week, he asked me if I had any plans for the upcoming week. I didn’t, so he said to keep Friday open. He was going to plan a date for us, and surprise me. I was thinking that we would just go to dinner, and possibly a movie or something.

Friday came, and he took me to breakfast at Staks Pancake Kitchen (best food ever). While we were at breakfast, he said he had another surprise for me. I usually try to guess what it is. He said, “What is something that you have always wanted to do?” I sat and thought about it for a little bit, because there is a lot that I want to do. HA. Then he said, it’s something you like to drink. I said “wine tasting?” He smiled, and nodded. I freaked out for a couple of seconds, and of course had to change my entire outfit that I had planned in my mind.

So a couple hours later, we were headed to Humboldt, TN to go wine tasting at The Crown Winery. We had a blast. They took us around the vineyard, and showed us the wine making process. My mind was blown honestly. I didn’t realize how intense the process was. We tasted about 20 different white and red wines. I did come to realize that I am more of a white wine kinda person, reds are just too bitter to me!

After the wine tasting ended, they had a pizza food truck and a live band perform. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we will definitely be back soon!




Author: Lo Renee

Memphis girl with a heart for Jesus, obsession with cats, and a passion for helping others.

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